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Weaning time at Closes Hall

The process of foals transitioning to small groups during weaning is a critical phase for their social and behavioral development.

Weaning typically occurs when foals are around six months old, although this can vary. During this time, foals are gradually separated from their mothers, a process that allows them to become more independent and learn crucial life skills. They are placed into small groups with other foals, facilitating social interaction and the development of a hierarchy within the group.

Simultaneously, the mares, after weaning, return to the broodmare herds, where they reconnect with other adult mares and establish their own social bonds.

This separation encourages the foals to become more self-reliant while fostering their ability to form new relationships and navigate within a social structure, preparing them for adulthood in the equine world.

3 mares returning to the moorland straight after weaning.

2 maiden mares by Millhollow Stroller in foal to Bowland Royal Silver for 2024.

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