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Options for your mare and relevant costs.

Breeding off your mare, especially for the first time, can be a minefield. We aim to help advise our clients to the best of our knowledge without prejudice and assist with your journey wherever possible. Were always at the end of the phone day or night to help in any way we can. With this in mind we have put together a list of the options available to you as a mare owner considering breeding your mare. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to get in touch.


Option 1

Your mare can visit us at the stud, this option enables you as a mare owner to drop your mare off at stud and pick her up once she is in foal and had a scan to check her foals heartbeat and development. We offer this option to mare owners for any stallion not just the ones we stand here at Bowland, we accept both chilled and frozen. This is often the most straight forward and cost effective option but not the only one. Costs associated with this option are as follows:

Stud fee as per individual stallion

Grazing livery- Mare £45/week, mare & foal £50/week

Full stabled livery- £100/week

Veterinary scanning package

Fresh/Chilled semen £240 + VAT

Frozen semen first cycle £300 + VAT

Frozen semen subsequent cycles £180 + VAT

Vet Packages include all scans up to the final heartbeat scan, insemination and any additional vet time required.

Any swabs, drugs or additional treatments required for mares are charged separately.

Option 2

We can ship chilled semen from the stallion of your choosing to any location in the United Kingdom. With this option you will need to arrange a vet, stud or ai centre overseeing your mares fertility work including scans to ensure we ship the semen at the appropriate time for  the optimum conception window. Costs incurred with this option are the relevant stallions stud fee and a collection & postage of chilled semen fee of £70 + VAT (this fee is charged for each shipment of semen).

Foaling your mare


We take mares for foaling, we recommend the mare travels to stud at least 2 weeks prior to foaling. Charges for foaling visits include

Grazing livery- Mare £45/week, mare & foal £50/week

Full stabled livery- £100/week

Foaling fee- £250

Facilities available to visiting mares

Bespoke care package tailored to the owners requests.

Foaling alarms and 24 hour CCTV in foaling boxes.

Qualified AI technician and foaling staff on site.

Frozen semen storage available.

Farrier and equine dentist available on request.

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