Information about the process of breeding from your mare and associated fees

  • Grazing livery- £40/mare  £45/mare and foal
  • Foaling fee- £250

Veterinary scanning package:

  • Fresh/Chilled semen £240 + VAT
  • Frozen semen first cycle £300 + VAT
  • Frozen semen subsequent cycles £180 + VAT
  • Collection & postage of chilled semen £70 + VAT

Any swabs, drugs, or additional treatments required for mares are charged separately.

Vet Packages include:

  • All scans up to the 28-day heartbeat scan
  • Insemination
  • Any additional vet time required.

Facilities are available to visiting mare-

  • Foaling alarms and 24 hour CCTV in foaling boxes
  • Qualified AI technician on site
  • Frozen semen storage available